June: Strife (FINAL)

So I was facing a heartached person, and that person is someone who is feared. Even though she is feared, she does not have that position to be obeyed and served. And my manager told me that she made a leap beyond what she can do as fellow teachers. She could not make decisions of what I can and I can not do since she is nothing but fellow teachers. It was a clarifying statement, but my head hurt severely for days, I could not enjoy my meals, because basically having a conflict in a very small workplace like my office is very uncomfortable. I tried to be professional and kept my mood up, at least and especially in front of my students. Remember, teachers are not like office-workers. We are performers. We are on stage in the class. But this person kept on making gestures to me, and even asked to talk to me "after the class". It churned my insides how this one person so unable to accept her defeat and just would not stop until she gets what she wants. I understand that probably she had never been in this position. She had never had her faults pointed out bluntly by the manager in front of others.

It was Thursday and I was fasting. I remember my final words for her was "I am not guilty about you being kicked out of the team and I can not act guilty. If you can't accept this you can bring this up to our manager and boss." Then I left her class. At the end of the day she came to me again and apologized. She even hugged me. That was a good ending, even though I am not that naive to think she really found out where her mistake was.

The show must go on. It was unnecessary to be too anxious since I have checked the preparation by myself. My body was struggling, but my mind was watching from the top and alert. That's the best thing Geminians naturally have. Our energy is not physical, but mental. The art n craft thing did put a lot of pressure to me, especially near D-Day of India event. I chose the easiest crafts near D-Day like Mentos Explosion and Marble Painting. I told all the teachers how to do those SUPER EASY things and one worst Geminian teacher was still clueless when she had to conduct the experiment. You know what? That's an extreme ignorance.

I had to help her do the FUCKING EASY MENTOS EXPLOSION when I was all sweating out in kitchen cooking 50 naan bread -- which was not my JOB, and I was fasting. I just felt like going to pass out.

So finally that day came, the India day. Nonetheless, it was success.It started right on time. Teachers asked me to put make up on their face after they saw how I do it. LOL It was really fun and I feel appreciated.

My choreo was finally showcased, my puppet script too. And hey don't forget, all the activities were also my program. Shortly, that day was my day, a better day than birthday.

I worked for it and I deserved this achievement. If you want to watch the dance video, go to:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7G6saq3Q00  For your information, the cameraman was the cleaning service and it was the only video we have.

Of course it was a small event, it's not a big achievement. It is the ideas that came real -- what makes me so happy and content. I was also giggling in my mind thinking that I made these girls do something new for the first time: dancing on stage. Maybe they did it when they were little kids, but not as an adult. I wish this experience gave a little positive change for them. Dance has that magic.

So that's all about June, a fasting month where my mind and body churned hard! As I always say to my self:

Tired legs,
We walked to the right direction.
Tired mind,
That was thoughts of evolution.
Knocked out body,
That was a good fight!


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