Saturday Magic

Hi Blog,
I want to write about how last Saturday brought a set of happy things to me, like a magical day, like a magical start of everything. On Saturday there was a dance workshop in a place that I was unwilling to go because I decided to cut loose all those people from my "People List". But I never stop thinking about dance, and it's not about the people, it's about to go back to dance. So I made a decision and there I was in the studio, oh...oops wait. I should go back.

I made a decision to go to the dance workshop. The decision was final and I went to work first to Pingu. That day was a Parents Conference day.  The parents were going to receive my progress report and talk to me about their kids. I should be well equipped so yes, I have guessed what they were going to ask and I was well equipped with answers. My answers are always honest but constructing. It was a really joyful moment to talk to the parents. Truth shows. The real thing reveals as it is. They catch my vibe and from their eyes I can see the get it now. They feel that I give my heart out for their kids, and that we had a lot of fun during the year. Andra's teacher even said "Thank you for teaching Andra really well." :)

I said I hope to see them again in the next level and I hope I will still be their teacher because we already had great bonding between each other. After the parents conference, I got free Taro PuYo from Ms.Shinta and it was satisfying. Then I went by ojek to the dance school. Surprisingly, my (former) teacher looked very surprised that I came. She was very happy and friendly.  So far from my imagination. All the teachers were friendly. I don't care if that is their marketing strategy, but that's how people should be. The (now-succesful) students were not friendly but that's they are, students. Teachers are more advanced- people. So yeah I went back from it with a smile (and torn skin, and tensed muscle). And then I went to hang out with Ms.Shinta at Mr.Pancake. I ordered chicken bbq and she ordered fish and chips. Funny thing is, I have ordered the chicken bbq for a thousand times whenever I visit Mr.Pancake. I know they will give 2 grilled chicken cuts which is enough, and the waitress told Ms.Shinta that the fish roll in her Fish n Chips will be 2 pieces. Came out I got 3 chicken cuts and Ms.Shinta got 4 fish rolls!! Hahahah awesome! We talked about works mostly... but chillin out of the office like this is the time where we can speak really freely about what we feel about work.

I told her that I really like to make and share choreography, and I wanted to say that if she wants to dance let's just make time for it..but before I finish my sentence, she told me that she would like to start the dance class again, but she can not pay as much as she did when her sister also joined the class. I am really happy because after all what feels good is to create and share!


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