This Year: 2017

Maybe I should stop writing historical date or number as a title. Maybe I don't really want to recap my year, but I just want to pour my feelings (because they're heavy.) But indeed this year is intense (what is the difference with last year? It was HELLA INSTENSE too.)

To start things up,
See? I don't want to tell you stories in linear flow. I have hard time deciding even the smallest matter HAHAHA. I met the dance group that I adore so much, Scarlett from Singapore. The SOM invited them. They shared a short sequence of their "Salvation" piece in a workshop I joined, and I was like "WOW WHAT A..*&$!#$%^" I was overwhelmed by my own excitement. I know that piece and it is so beauuutiful. They did it in a competition. And actually it was not just a workshop, it was an audition to select dancers to dance in their piece for Recital. Long story short, I was in. But that devil-wear-prada Ms.Andara made fun of me. So at the backyard, there were some of us who joined the audition, including her (yes, she wanted to dance with Scarlett as well). So she said congratulation to Heidi, Ucup, to herself (duh...), and to Yara. Then she said 'bye, see you at rehearsals!" Then she walked back, she said "Oh..I forget. Also congrats to Keisha, you made it too." I FUCKIN CRIED.

with Scarlett, before the show. 26 Feb 2017

So there was one session where I was practicing a short bench-sequence with Beryl. Beryl taught me the routines and I was like... OMG PRIVATE CLASS WITH BERYL hahahah. Long story short, Scarlett-days was the best pre-recital days for me. Very exhausting as they are perfectionists -- exactly just what I like. Actually I was sick on the big day. Duh ~.

While undergoing Recital preparation, I was also preparing a choreography for my solo competition on 11 March. Intense, right? Despite of ups and downs, I didn't have time to feed my mind on negativity. I was busy, busy, very busy! (Shinchan song: Sang beruang tidur, dan tak ada yang berani ganggu dia... oh sibuknyaa aku siiibuk sekali~~)

first time making 1 minute choreography. Miss Andara said she would help with the choreo but she didn't! It was not easy but this experience worths my dizziness.
I had to make a new choreo because my first one was rejected by my mentor, the devil wears prada, Miss Anwawa! I even picked a new song. In this moment, I met Densiel, a dancer whom I watched her performance some times ago with Kak Davit, Rina, and Putri in IKJ. She is amazing. The SOM offered her to join the competition as one of the representatives from The SOM. When Ms.Anwawa asked me to show my draft in front of Densiel, I felt thrilled (more positive word of 'nervous, humiliated, embarassed'). But Densiel is so humble and we get along as friends really fast. Actually writing this post makes me remember feedbacks from my teachers during the rehearsals, and I will take note of them.

Last but not least, I made a very personal piece. Instead of creating beautiful moves, I created a work, a medium to deliver what I feel. Miss Andara seemed happy with it. Though she said my choreography doesn't fit for a competition, it fits better to be taught in a class. (I already told her that if she asked me to make my own, I worry it will be too easy..). There was this dress-rehearsal day at IKJ. Heidy was out of town so there were only me, Ucup, Densiel, and that crazy lady named Dije. There were Kak Davit and Miss Eka as well. There was Alisa watching our items. You know how I felt. I am a beginner and I have danced many times in front of those expert dancers. It was thrilling.

We were all on the verge of big laughs in this photo. Ucup found that headwear and made us take this picture.

I remember at the last run, Kak Davit said he got goosebumps watching me. Little he knew the dance was probably for him, was probably about how I felt about him. I remember making something present before I started the dance. Being present, fully. It is one thing to give a good dance, and another thing to make the dancer and the dance become one. Make it one.



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